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Leadership for the Pandemic and the New Normal

By Dan Rosen The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused every startup to assess how to survive and plan to thrive in the “new normal.” No one knows what the new normal will look like, but based on other jolts to our economic system, we do know that life after this pandemic will be different than life […]

How Angel Investors Survive the COVID-19 Economic Crisis

By Dan Rosen To: The Angel Community After publishing my companion piece, “How Startups Survive the COVID-19 Economic Crisis,” I have received a number of comments about how this impacts angels and angel investing. Here are my thoughts. Unlike VCs, who have a fund to invest and collect a management fee for investing their fund, […]

Resources for Startups: CARES Act Information

Several TCA members have compiled a list of reputable resources about Government programs and initiatives that may be relevant, including loans for venture-backed startups, grants for companies that can help combat COVID-19, and tips for startups to survive the crunch. Obtaining up-to-date information about one of the largest bills in U.S. history during a crisis […]

Venture in the Time of Pandemic

By Julian Zegelman Having spent the last few years investing in and advising Seed and Series A stage startups, I grew suspicious of the prolonged bull run and expected a correction in the private and public markets. However, I could have never imagined that the correction will manifest itself as a world wide pandemic, causing […]

How Startups Survive the COVID-19 Economic Crisis

By Dan Rosen Being trained as a scientist, and having lived through several investment cycles, I’ve been asked to share my perspective on the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on startups. I firmly believe that the human and societal impact of COVID-19 will be extreme, even though we are at the early stage of […]

TCA Member Spotlight – Nii Ahene

  This month’s TCA Member Feature is Nii Ahene, Co-founder of CPC Strategy and Chief Strategy Officer of Tinuiti. A Bay Area transplant, his Angel Investment interests lie in Innovative and Disruptive 5G-Oriented, CPG, and B2B SAAS Organizations.   Please describe your personal history – your career, personal interests/hobbies, and what you’re currently doing for […]

TCA Member Spotlight – Angela and Sonia Steinway

December’s Feature Spotlight introduces TCA Members Angela and Sonia Steinway. East Coast transplants by way of the University of Pennsylvania, they’ve chosen La Jolla Shores as their new home and TCA as their vehicle into the San Diego startup and innovation lifestyle!   Can you tell us a bit about yourselves – how you started […]